Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can anyone confirm this?

Not sure how I even twigged to this, but I can't seem to find any FOX coverage of the pro-healthcare protest in DC yesterday. I checked their website, and did searches for "protest" (lots of teabagger stories) and "Howard Dean" (he spoke to the rally) and I've turned it on the tube, but nothing yet.

I got into a friendly shouting match with a Glenn Beck acolyte a couple of months ago, to the annoyance of my brother. I was not surprised at the goofy stuff he believed to be true, but I was surprised at his complete unfamiliarity with the counter-arguments. I knew what he believed; I could have finished his sentences for him except Nathan was already embarrassed by me. He had no idea what I believed.

Asked to attribute a motive to people calling for reform, he couldn't get beyond a sinister desire to control people's lives; he didn't know why. Given hard facts (verified by the mortified Nathan), he asked in frustration, "If that's true, why don't I hear about any of this?" The answer is obvious, and has been extensively commented on by people more articulate than myself. He can select his own "facts", all of which support a particular cluster of public policy preferences, simply by leaving his TV on FOX news.

We keep hearing that the American people don't support this healthcare bill. The truth is that probably half the country (the half that can't tell you the name of their Congressman) doesn't HAVE an opinion. They will articulate a view to a pollster, because a pollster will find a way to fill in the responses on the form, even if it requires listening to a 5 minute meander with an ethereally tenuous relationship to the box that gets checked. Such "opinions" are extremely volatile, they can completely reverse with the introduction of a single new "fact".

The remaining part of the country is locked into their view. They have a lot of "facts", actual or perceived, on the topic. The majority of these citizens are convinced that every responsible American is opposed to healthcare reform. They have no idea that a pro-reform protest was even held, or that the protestors attribute deficiencies in the system to insurance executives.

Anyway, I'm turning off FOX. They're covering Obama's remarks with the President of Haiti, but when Preval took the podium, the FOX anchor said that Obama passed the "mantle" to Preval. And she's wearing shoulder pads. I guess the 80's never ended on FOX.

I'm going to feel really silly if someone points out that FOX did cover the protest.