Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now this guy's a leader...

and without a doubt the greatest President of my lifetime so far (I remain ever hopeful).

Can you imagine George W. Bush doing this? Did Reagan ever do this?

A persistent label the Republicans have tried to pin on Obama is "weak". But he walked into a room full of his most bitter political enemies, and went eye-to-eye with them for 75 minutes.

The Republicans know perfectly well that they don't have anyone in the Congressional Party who can match Obama fact for fact. They don't have anyone who can match his charisma.

That's why there were no cameras at this event; Obama is better on camera than any of them. They got their clocks cleaned at the healthcare summit, their State of the Union responses were pitiful...

and of course, Obama has the objective truth on his side. That's a tough headwind.

I suppose it's possible to disagree with this President on policy. Inflation concerns are understandable, if misguided at this point in the business cycle. I'd be happier with a bigger budget for NASA..

But this President has killed more terrorists than Bush, inherited an uglier economy than did Reagan, convinced Pakistan to take aggressive action against the Taliban and risked the ire of an important constituency by pushing Israel on the settlement issue.

The Republicans should at least give him credit for having balls.

in reference to: Spirited Exchanges at Senate Republican Lunch With Obama - (view on Google Sidewiki)